Furry Godmother is operated by Sarah McCoy, a long-time animal lover, who has a wealth of experience in caring for animals of all kinds. Having acquired her first cat by the age of two (against her mother's wishes), she has spent a lifetime learning about every type of animal, including a number of years in the United States as a wildlife rescuer (of bats and skunks). Sarah has cared for not only her own menagerie of pets and wildlife, but also has often cared for friends' pets when they were out of town on holidays or business. It is therefor quite a natural progression to become a professional pet sitter.

Not only is it important to us that your pet is cared for while you are away, we'd also like to improve your pet's life at other times, too. That is why Furry Godmother is now offering Pet First Aid, CPR and general pet care courses, licensed through Pet Tech, Inc. We are the first pet professionals in New South Wales to offer this groundbreaking and comprehensive course in pet first aid and CPR. You can find the course schedule at: http://www.pettech.net.au








Furry Godmother is fully secure, and each in-home pet professional has undergone a Police Records Check and holds a National Police Certificate from the NSW police. This document is available for your review on our initial in-home consultation, or at any time by request. We are also fully insured through Zurich Australian Insurance, and this policy is also available for your viewing and peace-of-mind.



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